About Me

Hi! I’m D E Murray, writer of stories. I live in Wiltshire (England) with my husband and my dog

Who Am I?

I think my first story consisted of a dragon living at the end of my road. My primary school teacher, Mrs Pierce, seemed to have enjoyed it despite its lack of plot or character arcs. Those concerns came much later.

I spent most of my childhood with my nose in a book. I varied widely from escapist fiction (Willard Price’s Adventure series or William Corbett’s Magician’s House Quartet seemed to be on a constant repeat) to nature-based non-fiction (Dorling Kindersley featured a lot). The outside world was everything to me. As I got older it was the inside world that claimed me, spending much time in my bedroom with my favourites (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Anne MacCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern).

Adulthood brought forth a move into sci-fi (Alistair Reynolds, Peter F. Hamilton) and thrillers/detective fiction (Kathy Reichs, James Oswald) but also a reduction in the time able to be devoted to both reading and writing. Because writing was happening. Once prolifically, once with a verve that saw NaNoWriMo be entered into and demolished on more than one occasion, but then less often, and with less vigour.

So, of course, the only thing to do was to start a degree with the Open University, combining Creative Writing with French (because, why not …?!). BA down, MA on the go … and who knows where this will lead?